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Watch André 3000 Take “The Colbert Questionert”

Watch André 3000 Take “The Colbert Questionert”

André 3000 recently sat down for “The Colbert Questionert” and shared intriguing anecdotes about auditioning for Fast and Furious and a thwarted attempt to raise an ant farm.

Narrative of Auditioning for Fast and Furious

André 3000 humorously recounted his experience auditioning for Fast and Furious, offering a unique perspective on the process and the unexpected challenges he encountered.

Thwarted Attempt to Raise an Ant Farm

The artist shared a lighthearted yet insightful tale of his failed endeavor to raise an ant farm, weaving humor and reflection into a captivating narrative that resonated with the audience.

Engaging with “The Colbert Questionert”

André 3000 engaged with “The Colbert Questionert” in a manner that showcased his wit and charisma, providing a delightful glimpse into his personality and experiences beyond the spotlight.

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