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Bikini Kill Announce Summer 2024 Tour Dates

Bikini Kill Announces Summer 2024 Tour Dates

Kathleen Hanna and the band will play shows across North America in August and September.

Highly Anticipated Return

Bikini Kill's upcoming tour marks a highly anticipated return for fans, offering a chance to experience the band's iconic energy and feminist punk rock spirit once again. The tour promises to be a celebration of empowerment and musical rebellion.

North American Tour Dates

With shows scheduled across North America in August and September, fans can look forward to experiencing Bikini Kill's electrifying performances in various cities, creating a widespread buzz and excitement within the music scene.

Inspiring a New Generation

Bikini Kill's tour not only delights long-time fans but also serves as an inspiration for a new generation of music enthusiasts, showcasing the band's enduring influence and the timeless relevance of their message in today's cultural landscape.

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