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Rachel McAdams Supports Mean Girls' Reneé Rapp on SNL

Passing the Torch: Rachel McAdams' Heartwarming SNL Appearance

Get ready to feel nostalgic as we witness an epic moment on NBC's SNL. Rachel McAdams, the OG Regina George, graced the stage and left us all in awe.

A Magical Mean Girls Reunion

It was a surreal experience to see Rachel McAdams and current high school queen bee Reneé Rapp share the SNL stage. The energy and nostalgia were palpable as the torch passed from one Regina to the next.

Rachel McAdams' Unforgettable Tribute

Rachel McAdams' support for Reneé Rapp was nothing short of heartwarming. Her presence was a touching reminder of the impact Mean Girls has had and continues to have on a generation.

An Enduring Legacy

This SNL moment truly showcased how the legacy of Mean Girls still resonates today. The camaraderie and support between these talented women were a beautiful reminder of the timeless impact of the iconic movie.

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