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Burial Signs to XL for New Single “Dreamfear / Boy Sent From Above”

Introducing Burial's New Single: Dreamfear / Boy Sent From Above

Burial, the pioneering artist known for his groundbreaking sound, has signed with XL Recordings for his latest release, a two-track single titled Dreamfear / Boy Sent From Above. This move marks an exciting new chapter in the artist's career.

Burial's Evolution with Hyperdub

As a mainstay on Hyperdub, Burial has consistently pushed boundaries and redefined electronic music. His departure from the label signals a significant shift, raising anticipation for the new direction his artistry will take.

Exploring the Soundscapes of Dreamfear / Boy Sent From Above

With this latest release, Burial continues to captivate listeners with his enigmatic and evocative sound. The two-track single promises to immerse audiences in a sonic journey that showcases Burial's unparalleled ability to craft emotive and atmospheric compositions.

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