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Austin Butler Admits to Using Dialect Coach to Remove Elvis Accent

Unveiling Austin Butler's Struggle with Elvis's Accent

The Elvis Trap

Imagine stepping into the shoes of a music legend, only to find yourself ensnared in the captivating drawl of Elvis Presley. Austin Butler, the talented actor, recently confessed to grappling with this very predicament as he prepared for his role in the TV show, Masters...

Professional Intervention

Butler's honesty shines through as he openly shared his journey of seeking professional assistance to shed the iconic accent. His revelation sheds light on the dedication and meticulous effort that goes into embodying a character as iconic as Elvis Presley.

Unveiling the Transformation

Through Butler's candid admission, we gain a glimpse into the transformative process he underwent to shed the accent and truly inhabit the character he was portraying. His journey serves as a testament to the dedication and hard work that actors pour into their craft.

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