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Why Luke Bryan Raises One Margarita to Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce

Luke Bryan Cheers to Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's Romance

Country Star's Perspective

Country music sensation Luke Bryan shares his thoughts on the unexpected romance between fellow singer Taylor Swift and NFL player Travis Kelce. In an exclusive interview with E! News, Bryan expresses his happiness for the couple and sheds light on why he believes they make a great pair.

Supporting Happiness

"I think it's awesome. I think they're both amazing people and they deserve happiness," Bryan says. Having known Swift for a long time, he applauds her kindness, and regarding Kelce, he acknowledges the football prowess on the field and the admirable personality off the field.

Raising a Margarita

"I'm raising one margarita to them and wishing them all the best," Bryan declares, emphasizing his genuine joy for Swift and Kelce's newfound happiness. The American Idol judge is all smiles, toasting to their future together.

Wedding Wishes and Laughter

While co-hosting the 2023 CMA Awards, Bryan jokingly expresses his hope for an invitation to Swift and Kelce's potential wedding. "I mean, I'm sure it's going to be a huge event, right? Maybe they'll let me sing a song or something," he laughs. "Or maybe I'll just crash it. Either way, I'm there."

Unlikely Yet Perfect Pair

Swift and Kelce's unexpected romance has captivated fans, with sightings at various events. According to insiders, they are "very happy" and "very compatible," bonding over shared interests like music, sports, and philanthropy.

Bryan's Take on the Pair

Bryan dismisses any surprise at the couple's pairing, citing their adventurous and open-minded nature. "They're not afraid to try new things and explore different worlds," he notes, emphasizing the importance of growth and learning in a relationship.

An Inspiring Love Story

Bryan hopes Swift and Kelce's love story will inspire others, describing them as a great example of finding love in unexpected places. "They're both very strong and confident individuals, but they're also very humble and down-to-earth," he says. "They're just two people who found each other and fell in love. And I think that's beautiful."

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