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What Happens When Onscreen Kisses Go Really Wrong

What Happens When Onscreen Kisses Go Really Wrong


Crafting a Compelling Introduction

Sometimes bad kisses happen to good people. You've got to worry about tongue placement and dry lips and the lingering effects of a poorly chosen lunch. Put simply, sometimes the magic doesn't...

When Tongue Placement Goes Awry

Onscreen kisses can turn cringe-worthy when the actors' tongue placement misses the mark. The delicate balance of passion and technique can easily be disrupted, leaving viewers more uncomfortable than captivated.

The Perils of Dry Lips and Poorly Chosen Lunches

Dry lips and the remnants of a poorly chosen lunch can sabotage an onscreen kiss, turning what should be a romantic moment into a comedic misstep. These seemingly small details can have a big impact on the overall impression.

When the Magic Fails to Materialize

Despite the best efforts of the actors, sometimes the chemistry just doesn't translate onscreen. The result is an awkward and unconvincing kiss that leaves audiences questioning the authenticity of the romantic connection.

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