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Say Anything Announce ...Is a Real Boy 20th Anniversary Tour

Say Anything Announce ...Is a Real Boy 20th Anniversary Tour

Celebrate the raw emotion and unbridled energy of Say Anything's iconic album, "...Is a Real Boy," as it roars back for a monumental 20th Anniversary Tour across the U.S. next spring. Relive the anthems that defined a generation!

Reviving the Rebellion

Two decades later, the anthemic fervor of ...Is a Real Boy returns. Say Anything reignites the stages with their seminal album, promising a tour that's as much a nostalgic trip as it is a modern-day punk rock revival.

City to City, Heart to Heart

Embark on a journey through raw lyrics and punk passion as Say Anything brings their landmark album to life. Every city will echo the heartbeats of fans, old and new, uniting under the banner of ...Is a Real Boy.

Experience the Legacy Live

Don't miss the chance to be part of history. The 20th Anniversary Tour of ...Is a Real Boy is more than a concert—it's an experience, a rite of passage, and a celebration of pop-punk's enduring spirit.

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