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Our Father: How Many Children Does Dr. Donald Cline Have?

Our Father: How Many Children Does Dr. Donald Cline Have?

Netflix’s Our Father Exposes the Notorious Dr. Donald Cline

Our Father on Netflix tells the story of Jacoba Ballard, who knew she had been conceived via donor sperm but decided to look into her ancestry in 2014. She took an at-home DNA test and initially learned about even half-siblings. Then Ballard and her siblings soon discovered the dark secret of their parents’ fertility specialist, Dr. Donald Cline. The number of confirmed siblings continued to rise as people continued to add their DNA to 23andMe’s database. At the time of filming, there were 94 children and counting.

Dr. Donald Cline's Legal Consequences

Esquire reported that Cline never faced charges for committing the horrific act. Reportedly, there was no law in the state against such a practice. Prosecutors, however, charged him with two counts of obstruction of justice in 2016. These charges stemmed from the lies he fed to the attorney general’s office when they inquired about his activities. He received a year of probation, lost his medical license, and paid a fine of $5000. His trial took place in December 2017, when there were only 22 known half-siblings. The number gradually increased.

Continued Discovery and Impact on the Siblings

One of Cline’s known children, Heather Woock told Women’s Health, “We find new siblings regularly, especially after major holidays because DNA testing kits are big gifts. We just had Mother’s Day last weekend, so I’m sure that even just as a result of that, we’ll find another sibling or two.” Elsewhere, Jacoba says it’s a sick feeling every time she finds new relatives.

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