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Jonathan Majors’ Texts Seemingly Admit To Previous London Attack, Threatened Suicide ‘If You Go To The Hospital’

Unraveling the Trial of Jonathan Majors: Unexpected Twists and Legal Missteps

Assault in London (2022)

The trial takes an unexpected turn with the revelation of a past incident involving Jonathan Majors and his former girlfriend, Grace Jabbari.

Admissible London Evidence Causes Stir

Jonathan Majors' defense inadvertently allows the prosecution to bring up details from the London incident, previously ruled as inadmissible.

Impact on Credibility Unveiled

The court discusses text messages revealing Majors' threat of suicide, influencing Jabbari's actions during the 2022 incident and casting a shadow on his credibility.

Defense Questions Jabbari's Credibility

Defense lawyer Priya Chaudhry faces criticism for questioning Jabbari's credibility in a vague manner, leading to the admissibility of previously excluded evidence.

Majors' Troubling Response

The court explores Majors' troubling response in 2022, delving into the emotional impact on Jabbari and its implications on the unfolding legal drama.

Emotional Moments in the Courtroom

The narrative highlights Jonathan Majors' visible emotional response as the court reads aloud the messages that reveal his threatening behavior, adding a human dimension to the legal proceedings.
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