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Deadpool 3: Is Daken, Wolverine’s Son, in the New Movie?

Deadpool 3: Is Daken, Wolverine’s Son, in the New Movie?

Is Daken in Deadpool 3?

Daken is rumored to be in Deadpool 3 according to recent scoops. Industry insider DanielRPK has stated that Deadpool 3 will also feature Logan’s son Akihiro, aka Daken. Being a multiversal movie, multiple mutant characters have been confirmed or rumored for Deadpool 3, with the roster being stacked already. So, the latest scoop involving Daken must be taken with a grain of salt.

But it’s worth noting that multiple Wolverine-like characters have been mentioned when it comes to Deadpool 3’s cast. Popular scooper CanWeGetSomeToast revealed that Dafne Keen could be returning as X-23 in the film. Furthermore, Daniel RPK also previously mentioned that Daniel Radcliffe could have a short cameo in the movie, which may or may not be as another Wolverine variant.

So, if a sort of “Wolverine Corps.” is going to be in the film, then Daken could easily be added into the mix. But nothing is confirmed at the time of writing. We also can’t be sure whether Daken would be from the same Universe as Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, or a different one if he appears in the movie. But a potential storyline for him could be that he is the son of Mariko and Logan from The Wolverine (2013).

What are Daken’s powers and abilities?

Being the son of Wolverine, Daken is also a mutant who possesses a quick healing ability, enhanced strength, and senses. Most importantly, he has two retractable bone claws that were later infused with Adamantium.

Akihiro aka Daken is the son of Logan and his Japanese wife in 1946, Itsu. She died at the hands of the Winter Soldier while she was expecting Daken. Daken survived due to the quick healing factor he inherited from his father. Besides that, he possesses the following set of powers and abilities:

  • Superhuman strength and durability
  • Superhuman stamina, reflexes, and agility
  • Superhuman senses
  • Resistance to telepathy
  • Adaptation to weather
  • Longevity
  • Immunity to disease and chemical influence (alcohol, drugs)

It’ll be interesting to see if he also shows up in the MCU when Deadpool 3 arrives on July 26, 2024.

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