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Call Carl Winslow! ‘Family Matters’ Star Darius McCrary Arrested AGAIN For Felony Failure To Pay Child Support

Arrest for Felony Failure to Pay Child Support

Last month, the sitcom star Darius McCrary was arrested for financially neglecting his ex-wife Tammy Brawner and their daughter Zoey. He was booked on Nov. 27 for felony failure to pay child support, with a bond set at $13,197.01 and a court-ordered GPS monitor if released.

Bitter Divorce and Previous Child Support Arrest

McCrary's marriage to Tammy Brawner ended in 2019 after allegations of drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence, and failure to pay child support. He owed $52,788.04 in back child support by the time of their divorce and claimed financial struggles, having only made $500 in a year.

Recent Arrest and Ongoing Legal Troubles

In addition to previous child support issues, McCrary faced another arrest in October 2023 in California, with an out-of-state fugitive warrant issued in Michigan. His legal troubles seem to persist, raising concerns about his ability to provide for his children.

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