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Best BTS Upbeat Songs: Dope, MIC Drop, Dionysus, Cypher & More

Best BTS Upbeat Songs: Dope, MIC Drop, Dionysus, Cypher & More

The popular South Korean boy band BTS has amassed a large number of fans globally over the past decade. The seven members of the group include RM (Kim Namjoon), Jin (Kim Seokjin), Suga (Min Yoongi), J-Hope (Jung Hoseok), Jimin (Park Jimin), V (Kim Taehyung) and Jungkook (Jeon Jungkook). With each of them enlisting in the military one by one, fans, also known as ARMYs, have been feeling down. But the band has left fans with a lot of songs to keep them company.

Best BTS Upbeat Songs

Over the past 10 years, since their debut till their military enlistment, BTS has produced a significant amount of group and solo music. Considering fans are heartbroken over not being able to see the group the following year, they can go back to listening to some of the more upbeat songs of the band to cheer themselves up. More popular ones include Dope, MIC Drop, Cypher, and some of the recent ones like Dionysus, Butter, and Dynamite.

Song Highlights

Dope: “Dope” is one of the most popular upbeat songs by BTS. The song is part of the band’s third mini-album, The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 1. The first line of the song, which translates to “Welcome, first time to BTS?” is one of the most popular lines, with Jin also recently referring to the line to welcome his fellow members into the military.

MIC Drop: “MIC Drop” is a well-known BTS song, famous for its lyrics and dance moves. The song was recorded in both Japanese and Korean languages, with the latter one getting a remix version by American producer and DJ Steve Aoki.

Cypher: Over their decade-long music career, the rap line (RM, J-Hope, and Suga) are known for their Cyphers. They have released four cyphers until now.

Dionysus: “Dionysus” is one of the more upbeat songs of BTS. It was released in 2019 as part of the band’s EP, Map of the Soul: Persona.

Dynamite: “Dynamite” came to fans when they most needed it. This upbeat disco-pop single was the band’s first song fully recorded in English.

Silver Spoon: “Silver Spoon”, also known as Crow-Tit or Baepsae, is another popular BTS song released in 2015 as part of their fourth mini-album, The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Pt. 2.

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