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Watch Keanu Reeves and Dogstar Play “Breach” on Kimmel

Watch Keanu Reeves and Dogstar Play “Breach” on Kimmel

Witness the magnetic Keanu Reeves and his band Dogstar reignite the stage on Kimmel, showcasing "Breach" from their latest album, a 23-year-awaited masterpiece, "Somewhere Between the Power Lines and Palm Trees."

Reeves Rocks Late Night

Keanu Reeves and Dogstar returned to the spotlight with a riveting performance of "Breach" on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Their synergy electrified the audience, heralding their long-anticipated album's arrival with a blend of nostalgia and fresh energy.


Two Decades in the Making

After a 23-year hiatus, Dogstar triumphantly emerges with Somewhere Between the Power Lines and Palm Trees. This album marks a significant comeback, weaving the band's classic sound with evolved musical narratives that resonate with fans old and new.

A Tour of Renewal

Embracing their musical roots, Dogstar embarks on a tour, rekindling their connection with fans. The journey is more than a series of concerts; it's a celebration of their enduring bond through the power of music and live performance.

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