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Kim Kardashian's Forgotten Fan Secrets: A Memory Mystery

Kim Kardashian Has No Memory of Sharing Secrets With Fans, Visiting Store Due to Exhaustion

In a recent interview with Savannah Guthrie on May 16, Kim Kardashian shared footage of herself appearing groggy, discussing SKIMS plans with fans, and expressing no memory of those conversations. She even visited Tiffany's store, capturing the moment, but later claimed no recollection, describing the morning as a "complete, foggy dream." Concerns about Kim's hectic schedule arose in a conversation with Kris Jenner, who worried about potential burnout. Kim attributed her busy lifestyle to a fear of saying "no" after experiencing rejection in the past. Despite acknowledging stress from American Horror Story, she denied using a packed schedule as a diversion. Kris emphasized the importance of avoiding burnout. Despite these concerns, Kim continues her fast-paced life, recently launching SKIMS' nipple bra and a men's line for the shapewear brand. New episodes of "The Kardashians" can be streamed on Hulu every Thursday.

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